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Robert Ober & Associates, LLC global industrial design-build firms, most commonly known as Plant Architects + Plant Outfitters, and headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, with offices across the country and abroad, enjoys the distinction of being the leading concrete production facility turnkey contractor in many markets worldwide.

Plant Architects + Plant Outfitters can be hired by concrete producers as an owner's representative, or consultant, or as a design firm. Plant Outfitters work as a specialized contractor performing turnkey installations of concrete plants, as well as other construction material production, handling, and storage facilities.

Together, Plant Architects + Plant Outfitters offer concrete producers with the ability to utilize a totally independent designer and contractor, which is not operating or representing a factory or original equipment manufacturer. This independence from brands or types of machinery and plant, allows the design-build firm to gain the real perspective of the owner/operator, and offer truce consolation, project budget development, project procurement of machinery and equipment, installation, testing, startup and commissioning services. The firm employs its own industrial architects, industrial engineers, architectural designers and engineers, draftspersons, project development personnel, construction managers, ironworkers, pipe fitters, welders, millwrights, tinsmiths, boilermakers, and electricians. Commissioning of projects is under the auspices of a team of commissioning specialists allowing for a true optimized plant when key-in-hand takes place.

Further, Robert Ober & Associates, LLC offers an ongoing maintenance program known as Plant Pride. This maintenance program allows producers the ability to rely on knowledgeable maintenance inspectors and tradespersons to inspect the production facility in operation, take notes, and complete a Plant Pride Inspection form, which is then provided to plant management. Repairs can be undertaken on a proposed basis thereafter. Plant Pride can detail monthly or quarterly inspections, and ensure familiar eyes and ears are better focused and tuned to what is happening with the plant, keeping the plant downtime to an absolute minimum.

Robert Ober & Associates, LLC also operates a wholly owned subsidiary known as ConCool, LLC. ConCool, LLC offers concrete producers facing tight temperature requirements or placing mass concrete, complete temperature balance controls and methodology, again on a turnkey basis. ConCool, LLC is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and works worldwide cooling constituent materials such as sand, rock, cement, and water; as well as producing dry flake ice for batching into concrete mixtures. ConCool, LLC is the world's longest-established concrete cooling company offering cooling on a design-build basis independent of any plant manufacturer, but working with most all plant manufacturers and many general and concrete specialty contractors on major concrete projects, as well as with ready-mix concrete producers.

“We are proud to support PCI in its continuing efforts to promote the use and understanding of precast and prestressed concrete.” – Robert Ober